Waste management

Energy consumption and waste are the most significant environmental issues in the Stockmann Group's operations. Improvements are being made in Stockmann's environmental performance through continuous development work, waste sorting and enhanced energy efficiency.

Waste sorting and sorting efficiency are among the primary issues in reducing the adverse environmental impacts of the operation of Stockmann's divisions. Waste is sorted where it arises: in the warehouses, department stores and other stores. Sortable waste in Finland includes combustible, biodegradable, mixed and hazardous waste, cardboard, paper, metal (small items), electrical and electronic waste. Combustible and biodegradable waste and paper, cardboard and metal are delivered to waste processing plants, whereas hazardous waste goes to hazardous waste facilities and mixed waste to landfills.

Recycling is carried out in accordance with local regulations and with the opportunities available for recycling, and so comprehensive data on waste management is not available. Annual targets have been set for waste management activities, and the results are monitored regularly.

Waste management statistics are included in the CSR report 2010.