Stockmann division

Stockmann is a multichannel retail company that focuses on a range of fashion, beauty and home products for daily life and special occasions. In the Baltics, Stockmann’s range also includes high-quality food and beverage products. Stockmann has a total of eight department stores in Finland and the Baltic countries and an online store at

Stockmann’s key target is to actively develop its omnichannel operating model – the customer chooses where, how and when to shop with us.

Stockmann is known for its first-class, high-quality department stores. Stockmann offers a wide range of      luxury and affordable luxury brands. The company manufactures around 15 per cent of the products it sells, which can be identified as its own brands, such as NOOM, A+more, cut & pret, Cap Horn, Bogi, CUBE CO, Casa Stockmann and Villa Stockmann.

Stockmann also offers a wide range of cooperation opportunities for both companies and brands. The forms of cooperation include shop-in-shop partnerships, where the partner company sells its own products or services in Stockmann department store premises. The cooperation may also involve paid visibility in department stores and Stockmann’s own media, such as the Stockmann Magazine. Find out more about our partnership options here.

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Stockmann division’s 2022 in figures

  • About 1.4 million customers
  • 8 department stores and an online store
  • In 3 countries
  • Over 87,000 MyStockmann members
  • Revenue MEUR 320.6 in 2022

Stockmann division’s strategy

Stockmann seeks growth by developing its business model towards more customer centric and sustainable omnichannelretailing. An important part of the customer experience is a comfortable and inspirational shopping environment in department stores, with their fashion, beauty, gift and sewing services. We inspire our customers to make sustainable and responsible choices.

The Stockmann division’s mission is to be the marketplace for a good life.

At the heart of our strategy is customer centricity, which is the ability to understand customers and serve them in the way they choose and to provide a unique customer experience. The Stockmann promise to customers is a feeling that lasts. This feeling is created by the company’s professional and service-minded personnel.

Another key part of our strategy is developing the omnichannel operating model. An omnichannel model means that the customer chooses where, how and when to shop at Stockmann.

Stockmann has revamped its commercial processes to improve efficiency and offers its customers various ways to shop. The company has significantly developed its online store to improve the customer experience and has improved the online store’s logistics and the packaging of products.

Stockmann Division’s values

Focus on customer

I understand, inspire and solve.

Act with courage

I dare, renew and decide.

We work together

I care, participate and achieve.


As a fashion and department store operator, Stockmann plays a key role in promoting sustainable consumption and operating models that support the circular economy.  

Check out partnership opportunities

Stockmann’s department stores and own media offer impressive and unique options to provide visibility for your brand.