Range of products and services

Stockmann offers its customers responsible shopping experiences and information on responsible choices. Stockmann’s target is to inspire customers with sustainable choices and also to offer services that support this target. In its own brand collections Stockmann pays special attention to the sustainability, transparency and traceability of its supply chain. 

More sustainably produced high-quality materials that are long-lasting and endure maintenance are used in the collections. In addition to a customer focus and high-quality materials, the design of Stockmann’s own products takes into account material efficiency, product maintenance and reparability and recyclability.  

We focus on extending the life cycles of products by providing repair, laundry and shoe repair services, as well as personal fashion services to create sustainable style for the customer. 

Own brands offer responsible choices  

Stockmann’s own brand collections offer responsible clothing options. Knowledge of ecological materials is used in the design of clothing, and as part of sustainable development we are increasing the share of the environmentally friendly lyocell and organic cotton in our collections.  

The impartial Design from Finland committee has granted Stockmann’s own brands the Design from Finland label, which indicates high-level Finnish expertise and high-quality design. In addition to domestic origin, the award also acknowledges the company’s investments in Finnish design. 


Each material used presents its own challenges. We carefully choose the materials for our products based on their intended use, as material choices affect both people and the environment.