Our sustainability strategy guides us towards resource-wise business

The aim of Stockmann’s sustainability strategy is resource-wise business operations, which mean the wise use of all available resources: financial resources, human resources and competence, and the environment and natural resources.  

Stockmann’s sustainability strategy is based on itssustainability promise: We are working towards a more sustainable, resource-wise future by offering high quality, responsible choices and by inspiring and encouraging our customers to make responsible choices. 

We focus especially on developing the sustainability of the supply chains for our own brands, which the company has the best possibility to affect.  

We also engage in active dialogue with our partners and suppliers.  

Three priorities  

The targets of the sustainability strategy and the related measures are divided into three priority areas that determine the future direction of sustainability work. Indicators have been set for each target that enable the continuous monitoring of sustainability work and the assessment of its progress. These indicators and targets will be assessed and further specified as necessary.  

Based on the stakeholder survey and materiality analysis, the following strategic priorities have been identified: environmental sustainability, ethical responsibility and collaboration as well as profitable and responsible business.

Environmental sustainability 

We actively take new measures to strengthen an environmentally sustainable value chain and support measures that aim to mitigate climate change in all our operations, and increasingly integrate the circular economy into our range of products and services. 

  • Environmentally sustainable value chain 
  • Measures that aim to mitigate climate change 
  • The circular economy as a growing part of our product and service offering 

Ethical responsibility and collaboration  

We develop and encourage the workplace community towards experiences of meaningful work and continuously develop measures to ensure an equal, diverse and safe workplace community in all our operations and value chain. 

  • Meaningful customer-centric work 
  • An equal, diverse, inclusive and safe workplace community 
  • Ensuring an ethical supply chain 

Profitable and responsible business 

We ensure profitable, responsible and stable earnings and create added value for all stakeholders by responding to customers’ needs, complying with good governance and requirements, and communicating transparently. 

  • Generating sustainable and stable returns for shareholders through added value for all stakeholders 
  • Ensuring profitable business operations by responding to customers’ needs 
  • Ensuring transparent communication and good governance