Environmental sustainability

In 2022, the Stockmann division renewed its entire CSR strategy to meet the environmental challenges and move towards resource-wise business operations.  

The department stores in Finland operate in accordance with the ISO 14001 certified environmental management system and the department stores in the Baltics have adopted the operating methods and guidelines of Stockmann’s environmental management system. The company cooperates closely with its service providers, who play an important role in achieving its environmental targets.  

Stockmann continuously develops its business operations that support the circular economy by monitoring and studying new solutions to extend the service life of products and materials, while also saving natural resources and reducing climate impacts. 

The company guides its customers towards sustainable consumption by providing information on issues such as the maintenance of product materials to extend the service life of products, and on the wide range of recycling opportunities and service options offered by the company.  

Stockmann pays attention to the quality, recyclability and amount of packaging materials in order to keep the environmental load caused by packaging as low as possible. By improving material efficiency, we reduce unnecessary packaging materials. We closely follow developments in the sector and changes in legislation. Carrier bags are made of mainly recycled plastic and paper bags and cardboard packaging are made from FSC-certified material. The packaging materials used by the online store are partly made from recycled materials. Plastic-free deliveries can be ordered from the online store. 

Read about the Group’s CSR work in full here (link opens in the same tab).