Stockmann 150 years

Heinrich Franz Georg Stockmann (1825-1906) of Lübeck arrived in Finland to work as a bookkeeper and cashier at the Nuutajärvi Glassworks. In 1859 the Nuutajärvi Glassworks opened a shop in Helsinki along the Market Square and G. F. Stockmann was the shop manager. Stockmann was founded on February 1, 1862. At that time, G. F. Stockmann took control of the business, which he, from the outset, had managed in his own name.

Today Stockmann is well-known for its qualitative products and excellent service. Stockmann is also know as a distinguished trading house with a traditional history. Nowadays Stockmann is a Finnish listed company engaged in retail trade with acitivies in 15 countries. The company has approximately 60 000 share holders and approx. 15 000 employees. The Group's revenue in 2011 was EUR 2 005 million. Stockmann's two divisions are the Department Store Division and Fashion Chain Division.

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