Stakeholder engagement

Stockmann engages in active and ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders to strengthen relations and better respond to the expectations and wishes placed on it. In our CSR strategy work, we have identified five key stakeholder groups that most affect and are affected by our business.


Customers are an especially important stakeholder group to the Stockmann Group, and one of our values is to inspire our customers.  We want to improve our dialogue with our customers and better understand their needs and expectations towards Stockmann.

We interact with our customers in department stores and stores, through customer service, emails and social media, via customer panels and surveys and through marketing communication, events and loyal customer programme.


We value our personnel and their commitment to the company. We work continuously to improve the working atmosphere and dialogue with employees. We interact with our personnel through individual and group performance and development discussions, personnel surveys, Employees' Councils and Group Council and intranet. We regularly measure the organisational health and performance.  

Shareholders and investors

Stockmann aims to be an attractive and sought-after investment target on the capital market. We interact with our shareholders and investors through stock exchange announcements, financial reports and annual reporting, in our website, in webcasts, in regular investor relations meetings and in the Annual General Meeting of shareholders.

Suppliers and service providers

Long relationships with goods suppliers and service providers are key to our sustainability work and continuous improvement in production. All suppliers are expected to follow the Stockmann Code of Conduct. We interact with our suppliers and service providers in meetings, negotiations, workshops, projects, visits and inspections, through our website and surveys, and through Stockmann’s annual Supplier Day event.

Authorities and organisations

We collaborate and engage in dialogue with authorities and organisations to continously develop our business operations. We interact with authorities and organisations through networks, memberships, collaboration, projects, charity work, website and annual reporting.