Responsible work community

Motivated and engaged retail experts are the backbone of our business. We treat our employees fairly and equally according to the principle of equal opportunities. Employees are paid a fair level of remuneration for their work, and their personal and professional growth and development is encouraged. We encourage our employees to look after their wellbeing and we provide them with healthy and safe working conditions. Our aim is to be an attractive and well-liked employer in the labour market.


In retail the need for fixed-term employees is high, as the summer and Christmas seasons and campaigns increase the need for seasonal employees. The number of fixed-term employees at Stockmann has decreased, while seasonal workers at the department stores for Crazy Days and Christmas are now recruited through a recruitment agency.

The Stockmann department stores offer many young people an opportunity to become familiar with the retail sector, e.g. in the form of the practical training periods of various educational institutions. 

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