Packaging materials and carrier bags

Stockmann aims to bring to the market highquality packaging and to minimise the environmental burden of packaging materials and offer customers material-efficient solutions. We actively monitor developments in the packaging industry and legislative developments, and we monitor customer experience closely and aim to offer new solutions proactively. We make good use of the Finnish ‘Optikassi 2009’ research on environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of packaging materials. The Stockmann Group reports on packaging materials used, in accordance with the EU Packaging Directive.

Carrier Bags

Stockmann has made a commitment to reduce the consumption of plastic bagswith the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development. Accordingly, plastic bags are no longer available for our customers on a self-service basis and we have increased our in-store communications about sustainable choices in carrier bags.

  • Since 2017, we have charged customers for carrier bags. In 2019, about 28% (2018: 28%) of our customers have chosen to buy a bag and around 17% (2018:18%) of our customers have chosen to buy a plastic bag. We will continue to reduce the consumption of plastic bags and offer our customers paper and re-usable bags as part of our carrier bag selection.

  • Stockmann’s plastic carrier bags are 80% recycled plastic. The paper bags are made of FSC-certified paper.

  • We recommend a re-usable bag as the best option and we offer a selection of re-usable bags.


Carrier bags and recycling

Re-usable bags

Globe Hope re-usable bags
- two sizes: smaller Martti and bigger Paula
- made of recycled materials
- designed in Finland, produced in Estonia

Plastic and paper bags

White plastic bags
- material 80% recycled plastic (LDPE)
- produced in Finland
- two sizes
- recycle as plastic or energy waste

Paper bags
- two sizes
- FSC-certified paper
- recycle as paper

Laminated paperbags
- two sizes
- laminated paper
- FSC-certified paper
- recycle as energy or mixed waste

Brown bags for plants and flowers
- used mainly in the garden department
- kraft paper
- FSC-certified
- recycle as carton

Crazy Days yellow plastic bags
- material 40% recycled plastic
- produced in Finland
- recycle as plastic or energy waste


Packaging materials

We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging materials and to offer material effective solutions to our customers. The packaging materials, such as the cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper, used for packaging the items purchased in the online store are partially made of recycled materials.

  • Shipping bags used in store orders are made of 80% recycled materials (LDPE). Bags are made with 100% renewable energy and can be recycled as plastic.

  • We strive to find an alternative solution to reduce the consumption of packagin bags. As an example we have replaced the plastic seal bags for cosmetic products in our online store with seal stickers.