Services to support a responsible lifestyle

Stockmann provides customers with responsible shopping experiences and information on responsible options and responsibility work. Stockmann's goal is to inspire customers with responsible options and to provide services that support this goal.

Tips for choosing and servicing clothes

Stockmann's fashion range offers endlessly high quality options. Stockmann's excellent customer service includes providing customers with information on how they can use and wash their products and what recycling options customers have to ensure that the product's life cycle can be extended and environmental impact reduced.

In the department store sewing service, customers can make modifications to new clothes purchased from Stockmann department stores and online store. Service and more information is available from department stores' fashion department. Read more about the sewing service here (in Finnish).

Stockmann also offers fashion service that supports the selection of products that are right for the customer. Fashion service experts help customers emphasize their own style when dressing. Fashion services provide knowledgeable help with dressing issues, and experts help create stylish combinations of your favorite clothes. Read more about the fashion service here (in Finnish).

Lindex's website and store materials contain product care tips and guidelines to help reduce environmental impact. Sellers are trained to advise customers on the subject.

Recycling opportunities

The Stockmann department stores offer their customers recycling opportunities. Stockmann department stores receive waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Used electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and small batteries, fluorescent tubes and energy saving lamps can be returned to Stockmann department stores. The WEEE devices must be returned without packaging, dust bags or loose glass parts. Learn more about on the WEEE recycling website.

Stockmann makes and sells quality clothing and wants to support their circulation. The Stockmann department stores started cooperation with the Emmy online store that sells second-hand brand clothes. Read more here or on Emmy's website.

Lindex has already tried collecting used clothing in Sweden in 2014. Now Lindex customers can bring old clothes and textiles for recycling to all Lindex stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland.