Responsible jobs

"Expertise in environmental matters forms part of our excellent customer service", Stockmanns environmental expert Susanna Segercrantz says.

A dream job for promoting sustainability

Susanna Segercrantz has responsibility for environmental matters at Stockmann department stores in Finland. Key aspects of her work as environmental expert include training Stockmann employees, communicating about environmental matters, conducting audits and replying to environment and chemical-related customer feedback.

"Environmental issues are continuously discussed in department meetings and on the stores' information screens. We also hold regular environmental trainings for our employees and tenants. The results of my work are visible to the customers as well. Expertise in environmental matters forms part of our excellent customer service", Susanna says.

The employees of Stockmann's department stores work with determination to achieve environmental objectives. "We engage in active dialogue with our partners so that we can learn about the best environmental practices and incorporate them. We also continuously monitor waste volumes and divergences in real time. New objectives are set every yearfor environmental matters so that we can continue to improve and develop our operations", says Susanna.

Susanna Segercrantz joined Stockmann in 2000. As an environmental expert, she is now in her dream job: "I believe in sustainable development. My work is important both for the company and for society at large. The best things about the job are its diversity and constant variation and the challenges. I also get a lot of encouragement from my wonderful colleagues and our external partners. Working together spurs us on to achieve the objectives.”


Team mentor Perttu Laakoli and sales assistant Salla Karjalainen are helping customers at the fish counter in the Helsinki city centre department store.

Team mentor provides support: there is no need to work alone

Salla Karjalainen has been working at the Stockmann Delicatessen at the Helsinki city centre department store for about a year. She became a permanent employee after working at the department during busy Christmas and Crazy Days periods on several occasions.

Karjalainen has been working on the fish counter under the guidance of team mentor Perttu Laakoli. The mentoring includes training in customer service, procedures at the fish counter and work area and familiarisation with products. Mentoring has provided Karjalainen with valuable support in her work: "It feels safe joining a new team when you know there is someone by your side providing help and mentoring."

Team mentor Perttu Laakoli has been working for Stockmann for almost 6 years. He started his career at the age of 18 on the checkout at the Stockmann Delicatessen. Laakoli has already had many roles in the department and he has been a team mentor, where he mentors new employees, for half a year now. "The best thing about my job is that it is varied and I have the opportunity to help my colleagues to learn their new roles and about new things," says Laakoli. Laakoli's mentoring team has 29 members. He provides these members with mentoring or other training every week. Laakoli likes to focus in particular on a new employee's first day and provide the new employee with all the help that he or she needs. This ensures that customers receive prompt and first-class customer service.


Elisabeth Peregi, Country Manager at Lindex Sweden, has worked in the fashion chain for 15 years.

Inspiring role in fashion

Elisabeth Peregi has a fast-paced job. She is Country Manager at Lindex Sweden. She is responsible for more than 200 stores and visiting these stores is part of her job. "Store visits are inspiring and educational because the members of staff are passionate about fashion," says Peregi. "On my visits to the stores, I also see how our values are applied in our everyday work. Lindex pays a lot of attention to value leadership. Communications also plays an important role in achieving success. In internal and external communications, the actual message and the way that the message is communicated are both important.

Peregi started working at Lindex Sweden in 1999 as a sales controller. She has had many roles during her career at Lindex, which has lasted about 15 years. In addition to the sales figures of Lindex Sweden and the other countries, she is also familiar with the fashion chain's operations in Norway and Saudi Arabia.

Peregi's strong enthusiasm for learning new things and the opportunity to be involved in developing the company has spurred her on in the various roles. "Internal career development provides an excellent opportunity to learn new things and advance within the company. It is possible to advance in many different directions. In an international company, experience can be gained for example by changing department, roles, the country of operation or even division," says Peregi.


Jonyed Mostafa works for Stockmann in Bangladesh.

Working at Stockmann in Bangladesh

Stockmann has purchase offices in six Asian locations, with sustainability specialists in each of them. Jonyed Mostafa works as Sustainability Developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His job includes inspections in factories that produce garments for Lindex and Stockmann own brands.

”An inspection starts with a short meeting with the factory management. If we have announced the visit beforehand, all the necessary documents are there waiting for me. However, nowadays we increasingly make unannounced audits to be sure we see how things really are. Next, I go through every department of the factory. I interview employees, especially those with first aid or fire safety training but also regular employees to hear their point of view. Then I go through documents to see for example that wages have been paid on time and that over-time regulations have not been exceeded. Finally, I summarize my findings to the management. If there are serious shortcomings, I let them know about these immediately. I put all my findings in a report and discuss significant issues with the purchase office manager. I also forward the information to Stockmann.”