Corporate social responsibility is part of the Stockmann Group's long-term operations. Responsibility is one of Stockmann's six core values. Stockmann's CSR consists of three important parts: social, environmental and financial responsibility.

CSR vision: We offer our customers responsible shopping experiences. We are committed to working for a more sustainable future.

Stockmann committed in 2011 to the UN Global Compact initiative. The initiative concerns all the Group's divisions. Stockmann is committed to support and promote the ten principles the Global Compact in relation to human rights, labour, environment and action against corruption.  

Corporate social responsibility is guided by the Group's core values and the strategy of social responsibility confirmed by the Management Committee. The Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Group guides the development of CSR related activities in the Group.The Steering Group is made up of representatives from all the divisions and its task is to ensure that the divisions achieve the strategy of social responsibility confirmed by the Management Committee and act in accordance with the operational policies it has set.