Product safety

We provide our customers the opportunity to make responsible choices with our broad selection of products. Products sold must fulfil the quality, environmental and product safety requirements set for them at any given time.

The Stockmann Group is responsible for the safety of the products it sells, ensuring that they do not pose a risk to customers’ health or property. The company’s buying organisation makes sure that products comply with the valid requirements set in legislation, such as chemical and product safety legislation. Products are tested by their manufacturers and importers, and by Stockmann in the case of its own brand products and own imports, on the basis of regular sampling and risk analysis. Testing ensures that the products fulfil all quality and safety requirements set by legislation or the stricter requirements set by Stockmann.

In addition, Stockmann follows product notifications issued by the European Union in order to inform customers as quickly as possible about products that pose a risk. RAPEX, the EU rapid alert system, facilitates the exchange of information between Member States and the Commission on measures taken to prevent or restrict the marketing or use of products posing a serious risk to the health and safety of consumers, with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical devices, which are covered by other mechanisms. In Finland, also Finnish Customs, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) promote and supervise product safety.

Possible product recalls are handled in accordance with Stockmann’s internal product recall instructions, which specify responsibilities and the action required. In 2017 one public recall was made of an own brand product, one pair of Lindex’s 3-pair pack of socks, which did not comply with the company’s own chemical requirements. Our target is to have zero product recalls in own brand products and own import products.