Stockmann Corporate Communications privacy policy

When you use our website, we may as for your personal information and process it if necessary to identify the customer and to provide you with services and send messages to you.

Use of cookies
We use cookies in our services. Cookies are commonly used in online services. They are small files that identify visitors that are transferred from a server to the visitor’s computer. We use cookies to enable visitors to move from one service to another on our website during the same session. The visitor cannot see that cookies are being used and it does not affect the visitor’s computer.

We also use cookies to monitor visitor traffic so that we can improve our services. Monitoring visitor traffic in Stockmann’s online services includes the analysis of the pages visitors land on and the pages they leave from.

The use of cookie is safe and they do not harm visitors’ computers or files. If you want to, you can block cookies in the settings of the web browser that you use.

The website uses Google Analytics which is an analysis tool of Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files, to enhance the analysis of the use of the site. You can block cookies in the settings of your web browser. Please note that all functions of the website will not work when cookies are blocked.

By using this website you accept that Google processes your data as explained on this page and in accordance with Google’s data protection policy. This is how Google uses collected data

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