Image Bank

You can find Lindex’s images of upcoming products and campaigns, as well as logotypes, key persons and sustainability images on Lindex’s website.

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Stockmann Group’s Management Team

Susanne Ehnbåge

Stockmann Group’s CEO and Lindex CEO

Annelie Forsberg

CFO of the Stockmann Group and the Lindex Division

Tove Westermarck

Tove Westermarckin kuva

Chief Operating Officer, Stockmann division

Jukka Naulapää

Jukka Naulapään kuva

Chief Legal Officer

stockmann division management

Tove Westermarck

Chief Operating Officer, Stockmann Division

Jukka Naulapää

Chief Legal Officer

Andres Alango

Finance Director

Tuomas Tiilikainen

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Tia Rantanen

Chief Brand and Storytelling Officer

Sara Toivakainen

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Riku Lyly

Chief Stockmann Style Officer

Mikko Huttunen

Chief Transformation Officer

Janne Holli

Chief Information & Technology Officer

Lindex Division Management

Susanne Ehnbåge

Stockmann Group’s CEO and Lindex CEO

Annelie Forsberg


Anna-Karin Dahlberg

Lindex Director of Sustainability

Annika Elfström

Lindex Director of IT

Caroline Öhgren

Lindex Director of Sales

Elisabeth Hedberg

Lindex Director of Design, Purchase & Production

Johan Engen

Lindex Director of Logistics

Johan Hallin

Lindex Director of Strategy & Business Development

Linda Olsson

Lindex Director of Global Marketing

Sanna Lindgren

Lindex Director of Culture & Communication