Stockmann will renovate its Helsinki city centre department store – renovation will start with the children’s world

Stockmann will renovate its Helsinki city centre department store over the next few years. The renovation work will start on the 6th floor in the children's and young people's departments, which will be completely renovated during the spring. Among other things, the largest toy store in the Nordic countries will be opened at the city centre Stockmann. Stockmann's flagship store will be redesigned to meet the expectations of today’s customers and as an inspiring place to spend time, with a variety of services, experiences and community aspects in addition to shopping. The renovation of Stockmann’s flagship store will start in February.

Stockmann’s Helsinki city centre department store will be renovated over the next few years on the basis of our customers’ wishes. Stockmann’s flagship department store in the centre of Helsinki offers a unique experience and we want to keep it that way. Based on customers’ requests, the children's world will be the first to be renewed.

"We have listened to our customers' wishes and will start a complete renovation of the children's and young people’s department. We want to focus on our important customers, families with children and young people, and create a completely new department store experience for them,” says Mariela Nortama, Department Store Director at the Helsinki city centre Stockmann.

The children’s department of the iconic department store will be transformed into a new, exciting children’s world. A Pieni Lelukauppa, which will be familiar to customers of the Tampere department store, will be opened in the Helsinki city centre Stockmann in spring. Pieni Lelukauppa, which means ‘little toy store’ in English, is the largest toy store in the Nordic countries and is headed by Janne Kataja, a well-known Finnish actor, writer and businessman. The toy store in the Helsinki city centre department store will be 1,000 square metres in size. In addition to an extensive range of toys, the store will offer surprising and unforgettable experiences for the whole family. The interior will be created by theatre set designers, who will bring storytelling to life both visually and through music in the spectacular department. In addition to the department stores, Pieni Lelukauppa will also be represented in Stockmann’s online store in the Online Exclusive range, which will go on sale on 1 February with an unparalleled selection of toys.

Stockmann wants to offer young people and pre-teens a new and inspiring selection by expanding the availability of popular brands, for example.

“There will also be a new department for pre-teens with its own look. We wanted to cater to pre-teens in an entirely new way and will be bringing a broad and curated range of products to our store, including Instagram photo booths and a phone-charging point,” Nortama says.

A separate and completely renovated child care room for the youngest members of the family has been opened on the 6th floor of the department store. It was designed in collaboration with parents of young children, influencer Hanna Hamanka and her husband Joonas Laurila. The interior of the child care room was designed by Marja-Leena Aitoniemi, interior designer of the department store’s home department.

The Helsinki city centre department store will be renovated in stages and Stockmann will provide more information about the new concept later. The renovation will allow Stockmann to offer the opportunity for new and inspiring partners to get involved.

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