Stockmann and Wolt to expand their collaboration in Finland and the Baltics – popular designer products delivered to the door in under an hour also outside of towns with a department store

Stockmann will expand its collaboration with technology company Wolt to Baltics. Stockmann will also pilot a new concept during the autumn Crazy Days campaign in Finland: popular products and delightful design brands will be available for delivery by Wolt also outside of towns with a Stockmann department store. Customers value fast deliveries, the curated selection and easy-to-use new type of service when ordering products to be delivered to their door within one hour.

The popular pilot by Stockmann and Wolt, which was launched at the Helsinki city centre department store, will be expanded to the Baltics in September, Tallinn and Riga department stores.  Customers value the ease of purchase, reliability, speed and curated selection.


“Our collaboration with Wolt has proven to be a popular service. It feels great to broaden the collaboration in Finland and the Baltics. The product selection will also be expanded: high-quality, popular brands and unique Finnish and global products will be available,” says Tia Rantanen, Chief Marketing Officer at Stockmann.

Customers have ordered a wide range of popular home and cosmetics brand products for delivery by Wolt to their own door and wrapped as gifts. Stockmann's gift cards have also been popular.

During Stockmann's next Crazy Days campaigns, the collaboration with Wolt will be piloted elsewhere in Finland, even outside of towns with a department store, and customers will be able to order Stockmann’s curated products and popular brands in different parts of Finland.

“This is a fantastic addition to our service offering. It's great to be able to pilot a totally new concept and enable customers to order Stockmann’s high-quality products and favourite brands for delivery by Wolt also elsewhere in Finland,” says Rantanen.


Stockmann and Wolt started their popular collaboration in May 2022, delivering purchases to customers’ doors. Stockmann has been systematically developing and diversifying its services in an even more customer-centric direction. Stockmann and Wolt have a similar customer-centric way of thinking and operating, and collaboration has been smooth: both aim to provide a seamless customer experience.


“Stockmann has received a very warm welcome from the customers, and we are thrilled to expand our collaboration. What we can clearly see is that people expect a wide range of retail goods from everyday essentials to rarer items to be delivered quickly. Together with Stockmann, we can cater to various needs and help our customers save time amidst their busy everyday-life,” says Joel Järvinen, General Manager of Wolt Finland.


“Our collaboration with Wolt has been incredibly successful, and it was an easy decision to expand it: customer feedback has been exceptionally positive, and this type of service supports our customer-centric strategy. In the collaboration, Stockmann uses the Wolt network for storage and deliveries, which enables rapid and reliable deliveries by Wolt,” says Tuomas Tiilikainen, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Stockmann.


The collaboration between Stockmann and Wolt will expand to Estonia and Latvia in September 2022. In addition, during the Crazy Days campaign, from 28 September to 5 November this autumn, Wolt will also be delivering Stockmann’s products in towns in Finland without a department store, such as Oulu, Vaasa, Pori, Lahti, Seinäjoki and Joensuu.


How Wolt works

  • Customers can place an order via the Wolt app or at the address
  • Wolt’s courier partners are responsible for the home deliveries and the average delivery time is about 30 minutes from time of order.
  • The delivery fee for home delivery orders is Wolt’s standard price, i.e. from EUR 1.90 to EUR 7.90, depending on the distance.


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