Stockmann to participate in Baltic Sea Day – objective is to mitigate climate change and promote preservation of biodiversity in the Baltic Sea

Stockmann has selected the Baltic Sea and the John Nurminen Foundation as significant charity recipients in honour of its 160th anniversary. Stockmann’s region of operation surrounds the Baltic Sea – its eight department stores and online store serve customers in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The campaign year will culminate on 25 August when Baltic Sea Day will be celebrated. Protection of the Baltic Sea is related to Stockmann’s goals to mitigate climate change and promote the preservation of biodiversity.

“This year, our anniversary year, it is great to be supporting the John Nurminen Foundation’s important work to benefit the Baltic Sea that connects us all. Together, we want to raise awareness of the significance of the Baltic Sea and the importance of saving it. Therefore, we are inviting all our customers and partners in Finland, Estonia and Latvia to join us in this important project and to celebrate Baltic Sea Day with us. We will also provide opportunities to donate money towards saving the Baltic Sea in our department stores and online store,” says Henna Tuominen, Director of Communications, IR and CSR at Stockmann.

The mission of Stockmann’s partner the John Nurminen Foundation is to save the Baltic Sea with projects that improve the condition of the Baltic Sea by reducing the loading and environmental risks, such as eutrophication and biodiversity loss, which affect the sea. The projects are often international and significant also on the national level, they have an impact on an extensive area and the measures can also result in an immediate significant improvement of the Baltic Sea's condition. Their focus area is to reduce the phosphorus load in the Baltic Sea, for example, by improving wastewater purification, by reducing the loading from forest and farmland by reducing or developing sustainable fishing and by raising awareness of a Baltic Sea-friendly diet.

“The Baltic Sea is important for Finns in many different ways. It has always been a gateway to internationalisation, trade and the world. The Baltic Sea is part of our identity and we at John Nurminen Foundation want to cherish this. When a sea feels close and important, you want to focus more attention on its wellbeing. With the support of Stockmann and its customers, we can effectively continue our work to save the Baltic Sea both by providing information and by implementing efficient rescue projects. Our projects significantly reduce the nutrient load flowing into the Baltic Sea, among other things,” says Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, CEO of the John Nurminen Foundation.

Stockmann carries out long-term sustainability work

Stockmann has developed its sustainability work on a long-term basis and actively monitors the impacts of its operations. As part of this process, Stockmann has been calculating its carbon footprint for ten years and has been aiming to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions in a goal-oriented way by selecting more responsible materials for its selections, by seeking environmentally friendly solutions for its deliveries and improving energy efficiency, by reducing the use of packaging materials and by promoting the circular economy.

In the development of its sustainability work, Stockmann is now determining its science-based climate targets in line with the SBTi criteria. The initiative to curb carbon dioxide emissions is also related to the charity cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation and the support for the important work carried out by the Foundation to save the Baltic Sea.

“Our operations have an impact on the environment. We will develop our sustainability work and our modes of operation so that we can shoulder our responsibilities and mitigate our environmental impacts. The Baltic Sea is an important element for us in terms of logistics, trade and wellbeing, for example. In our charity work, we want to focus on the wellbeing of the sea that is closest to us, as seas are important carbon sinks and they are also important for biodiversity,” says Tuominen.

Join us and donate to the John Nurminen Foundation to help the Baltic Sea
Stockmann’s campaign period will run from 15 August to 11 September 2022:

-          Every time the MyStockmann app is downloaded, Stockmann will donate EUR 0.20 to the John Nurminen Foundation.

-          For each Birds by Toikka Mother or Birds by Toikka Baby Iittala glass bird sold by Stockmann EUR 30–50 will be donated to the John Nurminen Foundation. These limited-edition glass birds will be sold in Stockmann's department stores, Iittala stores and the online store. The size of the donation depends on the size of the bird sold.

-          Customers can donate an amount of their choice directly to the John Nurminen Foundation at cash desks at the Stockmann department stores or in the online store.

Stockmann’s anniversary fundraising appeal to save the Baltic Sea will continue until the end of 2022. 

The John Nurminen Foundation has compiled a list of everyday actions that will help save the Baltic Sea. Everyone can choose the actions on the list that are best-suited to them. The list is available in Finnish on the John Nurminen website at

Baltic Sea Day on 25 August provides an excellent demonstration of the sea’s significance to us all. On the last Thursday of August, the Baltic Sea and everything to do with the Baltic Sea will be celebrated in many countries, cities and events led by the John Nurminen Foundation.

Donations to protect the Baltic Sea:

Account number: FI06 1214 3000 1122 96
Account name: John Nurminen Foundation
Reference number: 22000 00727



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