Stockmann and Wolt launch collaboration – purchases from the department store delivered conveniently to the door in about half an hour

Stockmann and technology company Wolt are launching a collaboration: From 4 May customers will be able to order beauty and home products to be delivered to their door in less than one hour via the Wolt app or website. The product range will be expanded during the spring and summer. The collaboration will initially start as a pilot lasting four months at the Stockmann in the centre of Helsinki. The pilot supports Stockmann’s new customer-centric strategy and renewal: customers can choose how and where they want to shop.

Stockmann and Wolt are launching a collaboration in which shopping is delivered to the door. Stockmann has systematically been developing and diversifying its services in an even more customer-centric direction. Stockmann listens to its customers and their wishes and actively expands its product selection and services. Stockmann and Wolt have a similar customer-centric way of thinking and operating: the aim is a seamless customer experience. 


“This kind of delivery service for products other than food already exists in other countries, and we want to introduce the same service in Finland as well. It’s great to be starting a collaboration with Wolt. Our selection consists of high-quality, world-class brands that are loved by our customers, such as Rituals, Armani, Alessi and HAY, and our courier partners at Wolt will start to deliver these brand products from our department store conveniently to the customer’s door. “We hope that young people will also start using our service,” says Chief Marketing Officer at Stockmann, Tia Rantanen.

“Nowadays, customers want more and more products delivered to their home quickly. Stockmann is a natural partner for us, as excellent customer experience is of paramount importance for both companies, and the pilot now being launched is a great addition to the range of products available through Wolt. We are hugely excited and hope that together we will be able to make the busy lives of even more people easier in the future,” says Henrik Pankakoski, Wolt’s General Manager Finland.

Delightful design products delivered to the door for Mother’s Day


The timing of the launch of the collaboration with Wolt means that customers will be able to use the service to order a gift to be conveniently delivered to their mother’s door on Mother’s Day.


“We curate our product selection with care and listen to our customers. There are wonderful, high-quality and popular Finnish and global brands available to order. We also offer unique brands, which are not available anywhere else. We are sure to have the perfect gift for every mother,” explains Rantanen. 


In the first phase, the collaboration with Wolt will be launched with the delivery of popular home and beauty products at the Stockmann in the centre of Helsinki. The product selection will be expanded soon after the pilot has started. From 4 to 10 May there will be no separate delivery fee for deliveries within a radius of four kilometres from the department store in the centre of Helsinki.


Stockmann will collect customer reviews and experiences from the four-month pilot period. Using this information it will consider how to continue the delivery service in terms of timing and the inclusion of selections and other department stores. 


How Wolt works

  • Customers can place an order via the Wolt app or at the address
  • Wolt’s courier partners are responsible for the home deliveries, and the average delivery time is about 30 minutes from time of order.
  • The delivery fee for home delivery orders is Wolt’s standard price, i.e. from EUR 1.90 to EUR 7.90, depending on the distance.

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