Stockmann takes the #MuovitonMaaliskuu challenge to reduce plastic use

Stockmann plc, Responsibility news, 28 February 2019

The #MuovitonMaaliskuu (plastic-free March) challenge, organised for the first time in 2018, will take place again this year. Stockmann will take the challenge again and during March, it will highlight the action it is taking to reduce plastic use. 

Reducing the use of plastic is an important and topical part of Stockmann’s responsibility work. Stockmann wants to offer its customers more alternatives that are responsible and plastic-free and to reduce the use of plastic in its operations.

The goal of the no-plastic March campaign is to raise awareness among consumers and businesses of how much unnecessary plastic accumulates every day and to encourage them to reduce the use of plastic and enhance its recycling. The challenge was proposed by Heidi Hautala, MEP, last year and was received with enthusiasm. This year, Stockmann is joined by Finlayson, It’s Pure Oy, Sinituote Oy and Zero Waste Finland Ry.

“We at Stockmann want to encourage our customers to make responsible choices and we want to offer a versatile selection of alternatives that are both environmentally friendly and inspiring. We continuously develop our selection and procedures to make them increasingly responsible and reducing plastic is an important and a topical part of this. #MuovitonMaaliskuu is an effective way to raise awareness among companies and individuals of how to reduce the use of plastic in everything we do,” says Emilia Gädda, Stockmann’s CSR Manager.

During plastic-free March Stockmann will highlight its actions to reduce plastic use on social media and on its website.

Join us in #MuovitonMaaliskuu and challenge your friends to produce as little plastic waste as possible

Further information:
Emilia Gädda, CSR Manager, Stockmann, tel. +358 9 121 3028