In 2018 Stockmann’s CSR work continued its good progress and in 2019 the selection of responsible products will increase

Stockmann plc, CSR news 28.2.2019

During 2018, Stockmann continued its determined CSR work and in 2019, the selection of responsible products in the department stores will continue to increase. The newly released CSR review 2018 describes Stockmann’s CSR work and efforts during the past year. 

Stockmann aims to inspire and support its customers in making responsible choices and work for a more sustainable future. The highlights of the CSR work include the increase of responsible products in the department stores’ selection and the extension of the scope of the environmental management system to cover all operations in Finland. At the end of 2018, Stockmann renewed its CSR strategy for 2019-202 and in spring 2019, Lindex will launch its new sustainability ambition and targets for 2025. 

The share of responsible products in the selection increased

The share of sustainable materials in Stockmann’s own brand garments increased and was 30%. 65% of Stockmann’s own brand jersey garments were made of organic cotton. 55% of Lindex’s assortment was made of sustainable materials and 96% of the cotton was more sustainable.

In 2019, sustainability will become an even more visible part of Stockmann department stores selection. New responsible brands and own brand products that are produced more environmentally friendly will be introduced during the year.

In addition to offering sustainable materials and more responsible brands as part of the selection, Stockmann also wants to ensure a sustainable shopping environment for its customers. Stockmann is committed to reducing its packaging materials and taking measures to reduce plastic consumption in its operations, for example, by recycling plastic, by stop selling single-used plastic products and by offering a wide range of re-usable bags as part of the carrier bag selection. Stockmann also participates in the Muoviton maaliskuu- campaign for a plastic-free March month to raise awareness of unnecessary plastic consumption.   

Environmental management system covers all operations in Finland

Since 2003, an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system has been in use in Stockmann’s department stores and support functions in Finland. In the summer of 2018, we extended the scope of the certification to include the distribution centre in Tuusula, Finland, and today, all of Stockmann’s business operations in Finland are ISO 14001 certified. The aim with the certified environmental management system is, for example, to improve the energy efficiency in Stockmann’s own operations. Between the years 2015-2018 Stockmann reduced domestic transport emissions by approximately 25%. Stockmann’s target is to continue introducing measures to reduce the company’s climate impact, for example, by increasing the efficiency of energy consumption.

Read more about Stockmann’s CSR work in the newly released CSR Review 2018.

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