Members of Stockmann's shareholders’ Nomination Board

STOCKMANN plc, Stock Exchange Release 4.9.2018 at 15:00 EET

According to the decision of Stockmann's Annual General Meeting, the Nomination Board consists of representatives of the four shareholders holding largest voting power, as registered in Stockmann's shareholder register as of 3 September 2018 along with the Chairman of the Board of Directors as an expert member.

The Nomination Board prepares proposals for the Annual General Meeting in 2019 on the composition and remuneration of the Board of Directors.

Stockmann's four largest shareholders by votes on 3 September 2018 were:

% of votes
1. Society of Swedish Literature in Finland 15.74
2. Föreningen Konstsamfundet Grouping 15.14
Föreningen Konstsamfundet r.f. 13.23
KSF Media Holding Ab 1.91
3. HC Holding Oy Ab 10.70
4. Niemistö Kari 9.43

The shareholders have nominated following members to the Nomination Board:

Ole Johansson, Treasurer, Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
Gunvor Kronman, Chairman of the Board, Föreningen Konstsamfundet r.f.
Peter Therman, vice Chairman of the Board, Hartwall Capital Oy Ab, representing HC Holding Oy Ab
Kari Niemistö

In addition, Chairman of the Board Jukka Hienonen will join the Nomination Board as a member.

Further information:
Jukka Naulapää, Director, legal affairs, tel. +358 9 121 3850


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