Nora Malin appointed Stockmann’s Director of Corporate Development

STOCKMANN plc, Press release 20.12.2017 at 14:00 EET

Nora Malin (born 1975), M.Sc.(Pol.), has been appointed Stockmann’s Director, Corporate Development as of 20 December 2017. She has earlier worked as the Group’s Director, Corporate Communications. In her new role, Nora Malin is responsible for the Group’s strategic development projects, especially those related to new businesses and growth initiatives. She will also develop the Group’s management systems and strategy process.

"We want to invest more strongly in and increase resources for business development. Our goal is to create new opportunities to grow our sales. Nora has been involved in several Group development projects and she has excellent expertise in this task", says CEO Lauri Veijalainen.

Nora Malin will continue as a member of the Stockmann Management Team, reporting to CEO Lauri Veijalainen. In the Management Team, her areas of responsibility will remain, in addition to corporate development, corporate communications and responsibility. Nora Malin has worked at Stockmann since 2010 and as Director, Corporate Communications since 2013. Before that she held various communications positions at Fiskars and Basware.

Anna Bjarland (born 1972), M.Sc.(Pol.), has been appointed Head of Communications. She will lead the Corporate Communications department and is responsible for Stockmann’s press relations. Anna Bjarland has earlier worked as Senior Communications Manager at Stockmann.

CFO Kai Laitinen will be responsible for the investor relations of the Group.

Further information:
Lauri Veijalainen, CEO, tel. +358 9 121 5062
Nora Malin, Director, Corporate Development, tel. +358 9 121 3558


Lauri Veijalainen

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