Stockmann Group's Interim report 1 January - 30 September 2017

Continuously improved performance in Stockmann Retail and Real Estate – Group’s operating result negatively impacted by Lindex

STOCKMANN plc, Interim report 27.10.2017 at 8:00 EET

July-September 2017, continuing operations:
- Consolidated revenue was EUR 242.0 million (263.9).
- Revenue in comparable businesses was on a par with Q3 2016.
- Gross margin was 56.2% (56.6).
- Adjusted operating result was EUR -1.4 million (4.8).
- Stockmann Retail’s operating result up by EUR 5.3 million, Real Estate up by EUR 1.2 million and Lindex down by EUR 10.2 million.

January-September 2017, continuing operations:
- Consolidated revenue was EUR 740.1 million (827.8).
- Revenue in comparable businesses was down by 2.0%.
- Gross margin was 55.3% (55.7).
- Adjusted operating result was EUR -12.0 million (-4.1).
- Reported operating result was EUR -162.0 million (-4.1), including an impairment charge of EUR 150 million in Lindex’s goodwill.
- Adjusted earnings per share were EUR -0.55 (-0.45).

- The food operations in Finland have been classified as an asset held for sale and reported as discontinued operations. The comments in the interim report refer only to continuing operations.

Guidance for 2017 remains unchanged (published on 26 September 2017):
Stockmann expects the Group’s revenue for 2017 to decline due to weaker sales development of Lindex, and changes in the store network and product mix. Adjusted operating profit in continuing operations is expected to be approximately on a par with or slightly weaker than in 2016.


Our determined journey continued during the third quarter. The performances in Stockmann Retail and Real Estate improved but due to weakened development of Lindex, the Group’s operating result was down.

Stockmann Retail continued its result improvement in the third quarter. Comparable revenue was up 4.6% on the previous year both in Finland and in the Baltics, with growth particularly in fashion. Costs were continuously down, and the operating result improved by EUR 5.3 million. A strong fashion campaign was conducted and a new inspirational lifestyle magazine was introduced in September. Also new brands and seasonal pop-ups are being added to the selection. 

Real Estate shows a stable earnings trend. The division improved its operating result by EUR 1.2 million in the third quarter. Improvements came particularly from the Nevsky Centre due to the improved economic situation in Russia.

Lindex had a tough July and August, but revenue improved towards the end of the quarter. Changes are being made to collections and campaigns, in order to boost sales for the important last quarter of the year. The top line is the key, but also efficiency and cost savings are being thoroughly looked at. A profitability improvement programme will be launched at Lindex, targeting to reduce fixed costs by over EUR 10 million annually. In addition, several actions will take place to improve gross profit.

The Crazy Days campaign in October was successful and generated growth for the first time in two years. The campaign reached a total sales growth of 2%. The online store was particularly successful and it already was our second largest unit by sales during the campaign. This gives us a good start for the most important season of the year. We will continue our efforts and determined work during the last quarter to ensure a good full-year performance.


Continuing operations
Restated 7-9/
Restated 1-9/
Restated 1-9/
Restated 1-12/
Revenue, EUR mill. 242.0 263.9 740.1 827.8 1 175.7
Gross margin, % 56.2 56.6 55.3 55.7 55.7
EBITDA, EUR mill. 14.0 18.9 33.4 38.1 85.6
Adjusted EBITDA*, EUR mill. 14.0 18.9 33.4 38.1 88.2
Operating result (EBIT), EUR mill. -151.4 4.8 -162.0 -4.1 28.3
Adjusted operating result (EBIT)*, EUR mill. -1.4 4.8 -12.0 -4.1 30.9
Net financial items, EUR mill. -4.8 -5.0 -20.1** -14.0 -23.1
Result before tax, EUR mill. -156.2 -0.2 -182.1 -18.0 5.2
Result for the period, EUR mill. -158.0 -5.4 -186.0 -28.4 -7.5
Earnings per share,
undiluted and diluted, EUR
-2.21 -0.09 -2.64 -0.45 -0.18
Personnel, average 7 677 8 310 7 371 8 332 8 151
Continuing and discontinued operations*** 7-9/
Net earnings per share,
undiluted and diluted, EUR
-2.25 -0.12 -2.78 -0.47 -0.12
Cash flow from operating activities, EUR mill. -29.9 -33.7 -59,7 -54.6 41.5
Capital expenditure, EUR mill. 8.5 10.1 24.2 29.6 44.2
Equity per share, EUR 12.09 14.05 14.99
Net gearing, % 95.0 80.8 68.3
Equity ratio, % 41.9 45.4 48.3
Number of shares, undiluted and diluted, weighted average, 1 000 pc 72 049 72 049 72 049
Return on capital employed, rolling 12 months, % -7.5 -3.5 1.8

* Adjustments include a write-off of EUR 150 million related to impairment in Lindex’s goodwill. For full-year 2016, adjustments affecting operating result were EUR 2.6 million and were mostly related to ICT outsourcing.
** Includes a write-off of EUR 3.8 million related to Stockmann’s investment in Tuko Logistics Cooperative in the second quarter of 2017, and a write-off of EUR 2 million related to Seppälä in the third quarter of 2017.
*** Discontinued operations include department store operations in Russia which were sold in the first quarter of 2016, and Stockmann Delicatessen food operations in Finland which are expected to be divested at the end of 2017.

Stockmann uses Alternative Performance Measures according to the guidelines of the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) to better reflect the operational business performance and to facilitate comparisons between financial periods. Gross profit is calculated by deducting the costs of goods sold from the revenue, and gross margin is calculated by dividing gross profit by the revenue as a percentage. EBITDA is calculated from the operating result excluding depreciation, amortisation and impairment losses. Adjusted EBITDA and adjusted operating result (EBIT) are measures which exclude non-recurring items and other adjustments affecting comparability from the reported EBITDA and reported operating result (EBIT). Stockmann also uses the term “revenue in comparable businesses” which refers to revenue excluding Hobby Hall, which was divested on 31 December 2016, the Oulu department store, which was closed on 31 January 2017, and the Lindex stores in Russia, which were closed in 2016.


In the Stockmann Group’s largest operating country, Finland, the economy has begun to recover. GDP and the retail market are expected to grow in 2017. However, consumers’ purchasing power is not expected to increase and purchasing behaviour is changing due to digitalisation and increasing competition.

The Swedish economy remained stable in 2016 and the GDP growth estimate for 2017 remains on a higher level than in Finland. The steady growth in the fashion market stagnated in 2016, and the market is expected to decline in 2017.

In the Baltic countries, GDP growth is estimated to continue. The outlook for these countries is expected to be better than that for the Stockmann Group’s other market areas.

The Russian economy is expected to recover gradually, but the purchasing power of Russian consumers remains low.

Stockmann will continue improving the Group’s long-term competitiveness and profitability. The efficiency measures launched in summer 2016 will be fully visible in the 2017 operating costs. Improvements in the operating result in 2017 are estimated to come mainly from the Stockmann Retail division, which is still loss-making, while Real Estate is expected to continue its stable profitable performance. Lindex’s operating profit for 2017 will be clearly down on the previous year’s record-high earnings. The planned sale of the Delicatessen business in Finland is expected to improve the Group’s profitability from 2018 onwards.

Capital expenditure for 2017 is estimated to be approximately EUR 40 million, which is less than the estimated depreciation for the year.


The Stockmann Group’s profit guidance for the year was revised on 26 September 2017, due to weaker than estimated performance in Lindex’s business.

Stockmann expects the Group’s revenue for 2017 to decline due to weaker sales development of Lindex, and changes in the store network and product mix. Adjusted operating profit in continuing operations is expected to be approximately on a par with or slightly weaker than in 2016.

Interim report
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