Notification of a change in holdings under chapter 9, section 10 of the Finnish Securities Market act

STOCKMANN plc, Major shareholders announcements 11.8.2017 at 14:00 EET

Stockmann has been notified of a change in the indirect ownership of shares, where Hartwall Capital Oy Ab (business identity code 0711984-8) has acquired control in HTT STC Holding Oy Ab. The number of Stockmann shares owned by HTT STC Holding remains unchanged.

Hartwall Capital Oy Ab does not own Stockmann shares directly. The indirect ownership through HTT STC Holding Oy Ab is 11.68% of the shares and 10.70% of the voting rights.

1. Name of the target company: Stockmann plc

2. Date of the change in holdings: 10 August 2017

3. Exact share of Stockmann's share capital and votes after the change:

Number of
shares A+B
of the shares
of the voting rights
HTT STC Holding Oy Ab 8 415 614 11.68 10.70

The ownership is divided into two share series so that the number of Series A shares is 3 186 488 and the number of Series B shares is 5 229 126.

Further information:
Jukka Naulapää, Director, Legal affairs, tel. +358 9 121 3850


Lauri Veijalainen

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