Stockmann Delicatessen’s fish counters offer responsible alternatives

In Stockmann Delicatessens’ fish selection we focus on quality, freshness and responsibility. We prefer certified fish and shellfish products in our selection decisions.

The Stockmann Delicatessens’ fresh fish counters received the international Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certificate for fish products in 2012. The MSC certified fish products consist of imported wild fish that is caught responsibly, without endangering fish stocks, and the origin of the fish is traceable all the way to where it was caught. We choose MSC-approved products to our selections when possible.

We also take WWF:s Fish Guide’s recommendations into account while making decisions concerning our fish selections. We mainly choose the fish that are recommended in the guide (marked green) and when that is not possible, we choose the ones on the yellow list. We aim to avoid selling the fish that are on the WWF Guide’s red list. Our fresh fish counters only stock one such item, tropical prawns. Whenever possible, we offer MSC certified tropical prawns. We do not have other red list fish in our service counters’ selections anymore.

Stockmann Delicatessens do not sell any fish or shellfish that have been classified as endangered. We wish to promote responsible fish commerce by focusing on providing domestic fish to our customers according to its availability. For example, our selections include the healthy, domestic Benella rainbow trout, which is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The Finnish responsibly produced fish product Järki särki is also coming to our selections soon.