New digital solutions: Stockmann app available in Apple’s App Store

Stockmann has today, 24 September 2015, released the first version of its own app designed to make omnichannel shopping easier at Stockmann’s department stores. The app allows Stockmann’s loyal customers to be offered monetary value benefits in a new way, in the form of mobile discount coupons instead of the traditional printed coupons, following demand from customers. The app also allows you to check information about your total loyal customer purchases to date, get in touch with Stockmann’s customer service or check department store opening times. The app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

Development of the application, aimed especially at loyal customers, began in the spring. “The project has gone well and we have listened to customers’ views along the way. We presented a pilot of the app to customers and gathered feedback from Stockmann’s Customer Expert panel as well. Stockmann’s personnel have also been involved in the project development work. Our vision is to create a loyal customer app that is dedicated to the individual shopper as never before,” explains Anna-Maria Rönnqvist, head of the Stockmann app development work.

The development work will not stop with the launch, either. New features will be released for the application as and when they are ready: “Before Christmas we will add information on, for example, events at the Helsinki city centre store and there will be fashion-related services and Delicatessen content,” promises Rönnqvist.

Digital tools will be very visible in the department stores
Alongside the Stockmann app we have also been developing a tablet tool for our sales staff, and this will be introduced in all the Finnish department stores during autumn 2015.

“The tablets will enhance our customer service. They will, for instance, allow the sales staff to check product availability in all our sales channels. The aim is that in future this sales tool and the customer app will communicate with each other. This will enable us to offer customers an omnichannel, seamless and inspirational shopping experience,” says Elina Savolainen, head of Stockmann’s omnichannel chain.

The digital fitting room piloted in the spring at the Helsinki city centre department store will be expanded to the other Finnish department stores in the latter part of the year.”We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. This digital tool improves the convenience and speed of selecting and trying on products, and makes for a smoother shopping experience,” says Savolainen.

To the delight of customers, a free WiFi service called Stockmann Open has also been launched at all the Stockmann department stores in Finland.

Further information from: Stockmann Media Desk, tel. +358 (0)50 389 0011