Stockmann's CSR report 2014 is published

Active work to improve supply chain responsibility and stakeholder engagement

Helsinki, Finland, 2015-03-30 15:30 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- STOCKMANN plc, Press release 30.3.2015 at 16.30 EET

The Stockmann Group’s CSR report 2014 presents the results of the company’s CSR focus areas and results.

Towards a more responsible supply chain

During last year, Stockmann continued its long-term work towards responsible and transparent supply chain. In April 2014, Stockmann was the first Finnish fashion company to disclose a list of its fashion own brands suppliers and factories. Today an updated and extended list was published, and its coverage was increased from the original 73 per cent to 83 per cent of the suppliers and factories. The aim is to increase the coverage even further in the coming years, by harmonizing practices internally. 223 BSCI audits and 214 own audits were performed in the Group’s own fashion brands’ supply chain, as well as 125 inspections according to the Bangladesh Accord on fire and building safety. As planned, information on country of origin was added to Stockmann’s own fashion brand products starting from fall 2014.

Active stakeholder engagement

During 2014, a stakeholder event targeted to NGOs was arranged regarding fashion supply chain, Lindex celebrated its 60th birthday together with its stakeholders, and the Group’s divisions organized several customer surveys and panels as well as employee surveys. Effort was made to engage employees in Stockmann’s strategy process and the renewal and revitalization of company values in the Fashion Chains.

Less environmental burden

More responsible materials were used in fashion products: in 2014, a total of over 17 million garments made of organic cotton, Better cotton, recycled or Tencel fibre were on sale. These garments made of sustainable materials covered already 22 per cent of Lindex’s collection. First organic cotton garments were introduced in Stockmann’s own brand collections as well. The utilization of waste grew in department stores in Finland, where 99.2 per cent of waste was utilized as material or energy.

The CSR report 2014 has been published on the Group’s website in Finnish, Swedish and English. The numerous case examples in the report are targeted especially to customers and the general public. It is the Group’s first report based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines that require for example more extensive description on CSR management approach. 

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