STOCKMANN plc STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE October 10, 2005, at 14.00


The Stockmann Group's sales in September were EUR 150.3 million, up 6.8 per cent.

The best sales growth was reported by the Department Store Division whose sales were up 13 per cent. Sales grew by 5 per cent in Finland and by 39 per cent abroad. The strong increase in sales outside Finland was due to the new department store that was opened in Moscow in December 2004, the growth of the network of franchising stores and the strong like-for-like sales in Estonia and Latvia.

Seppälä's sales grew by 7 per cent. Sales were up 1 per cent in Finland and 54 per cent abroad. The strong growth in sales outside Finland was due to the growth of the network of stores and the strong growth in the like- for-like sales.

Stockmann Auto's sales grew by 2 per cent.

Hobby Hall's sales were down 7 per cent. Hobby Hall's sales in Finland decreased by 8 per cent due to the deviation from the previous year's practice in carrying out and timing of the division's marketing activities. Sales grew in Estonia and Latvia while the division's total sales abroad decreased by 4 per cent following the withdrawal from the Lithuanian market during the first part of the year.

Sales figures in September and in January-September

September January-September January- December

20052004 perc.20052004perc.2004
MeMe 05/04MeMe05/04Me
Department Store63,360,25,0530,6503,05,5746,1
Division, Finland Department Store 24,2 17,4 39,1 178,9 125,7 42,3 192,7 Division, international operations Department Store 87,5 77,6 12,7 709,5 628,7 12,9 938,8 Division, total
Stockmann Auto*30,830,21,9313,4339,8-7,7437,1
Hobby Hall, Finland16,317,7-8,1121,7125,0-2,6180,4
Hobby Hall,3,73,9-4,325,424,82,134,0
international operations
Hobby Hall, total20,021,6-7,4147,1149,8-1,8214,4
Seppälä, Finland9,99,90,794,689,85,4128,3
international operations
Seppälä, total11,911,26,8110,1100,29,8143,7
Real estate +0,10,1-7,50,70,7-3,10,9
others Operations in 120,4 118,1 1,9 1 061,1 1 058,2 0,3 1 492,8 Finland, total International 29,9 22,6 32,4 219,7 161,0 36,5 242,1 operations, total Stockmann total* 150,3 140,7 6,8 1 280,8 1 219,2 5,1 1 735,0

* With the elimination of the sales by the unit transferred to Kesko on July 1, 2004, from Stockmann Auto's comparison figure for 2004, the division's sales in January-September were up 8 per cent and the consolidated sales were up 10 per cent.


Hannu Penttilä CEO

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