Exercise of Stockmann’s Loyal Customer share options 2008 and increase in share capital

Helsinki, Finland, 2012-08-24 14:15 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

STOCKMANN plc, Changes in share capital and votes 24.8.2012 at 15:15 EET

The Board of Directors of Stockmann plc has approved additional share subscriptions as a result of exercise of Stockmann's Loyal Customer share options 2008 during the share subscription period 2 May - 31 May 2012. A total of 3 166 Stockmann Series B shares with a par value of EUR 2.00 were subscribed for, and the subscription right was used by 77 of Stockmann's Loyal Customers. In consequence, the Company's share capital was increased by EUR 6 332.

As a result of the increase, the share capital now totals EUR 144 097 366 and the total number of Series B shares is 41 421 120. The shares have been entered into the Trade Register on 23 August 2012 and become subject to trade on the share list of Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Oy together with old shares on 28 August 2012. For the new shares subscribed with share options, all shareholder rights commence from the date on which they are entered into the Trade Register.

The subscription price for the share was EUR 11.28 less the amount of dividend per share decided after the beginning of the period for determination of the share subscription price (1 February - 28 February 2009). This year the subscription price was EUR 8.29 per share.

The last possibility to subscribe shares with Stockmann's Loyal Customer share options 2008 was in May 2012. If the shares were not subscribed, the options expired and became worthless. In total 902 683 Series B shares were subscribed for with the Loyal Customer share options 2008.

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