STOCKMANN plc STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE January 9, 2005, at 15.30


In January, the Stockmann Group's sales amounted to EUR 142.2 million, up 1 per cent. In Finland January had one sales day less than a year earlier.

The best sales growth was reported by the Department Store Division whose sales were up 13 per cent. The sales growth was 1 per cent in Finland and 73 per cent abroad. The strong sales growth abroad is contributed especially by the two new department stores opened in Moscow in 2004 and the strong comparable sales growth in the Baltic department stores.

Sales by Hobby Hall were up 10 per cent. The growth was 7 per cent in Finland and 19 per cent abroad despite the discontinuing of operations in Lithuania. Especially the online sales grew vigorously both in Finland and in Estonia.

Sales by Stockmann Auto were down 20 per cent. The whole decrease is due to the transfer of the Volkswagen-Audi car dealership in Herttoniemi, Helsinki, to Kesko on July 1, 2004.

Sales by Seppälä were down 4 per cent on the previous year. Sales were down 9 per cent in Finland and up 45 per cent abroad. The decrease in the sales in Finland is due to the fact that there were clearly fewer products in sale at reduced prices than in the previous year. The strong sales growth abroad is mainly due to the expanded store network in the Baltic countries and in Russia.

Sales figures in January

January January- December

  Department Store Division, Finland54.453.9101746.3
  Department Store Division,19.111.1173192.7
  international operations
  Department Store Division, total73.665.0113939.0
  Stockmann Auto*36.845.880437.0
  Hobby Hall, Finland15.814.8107180.4
  Hobby Hall,4.63.811934.0
  international operations
  Hobby Hall, total20.418.6110214.4
  Seppälä, Finland9.910.991128.3
  international operations
  Seppälä, total11.411.996143.7
  Real estate + others0.10.10.9
  Operations in Finland, total117.1125.4931 492.9
  International operations, total25.115.9158242.1
  Stockmann total*142.2141.31011 735.0

* With the elimination of the sales by the unit transferred to Kesko on July 1, 2004, from Stockmann Auto's comparison figure for 2004, the division's sales were up 1 per cent and the consolidated sales were up 8 per cent.


Hannu Penttilä CEO

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