In January, the Stockmann Group's sales increased by 50 per cent to EUR 174 million. The main reason for the significant growth in sales is the consolidation of the sales by Lindex into the Stockmann Group's figures.

Sales by the Department Store Division were up 14 per cent. Sales were up 6 per cent in Finland and 34 per cent abroad. The growth in sales abroad was contributed by the new department store that was opened in Moscow in February 2007.

Sales by Seppälä grew by 9 per cent. Sales were at the previous year's level in Finland and up 36 per cent abroad.

Sales by Hobby Hall decreased by 10 per cent. Sales were down 7 per cent in Finland and 21 per cent abroad. The monthly comparison figures for January-March are still affected by the new ERP system that was taken in use in April 2007 as a consequence of which the sales are recorded later than in the previous year.

Sales figures in January

January January-December change

Department Store Division,63.559.86.2871.8
Finland Department Store Division, 32.5 24.2 34.1 346.3 international operations Department Store Division, 96.0 84.1 14.3 1 218.1 total
Lindex, Finland5.60.07.3
international operations
Lindex, total46.80.068.1
Hobby Hall, Finland14.115.2-7.2168.5
Hobby Hall,3.03.8-21.338.0
international operations
Hobby Hall, total17.119.0-10.0206.5
Seppälä, Finland9.19.2-0.3123.1
international operations
Seppälä, total13.712.69.4174.7
Real estate + others0.
Operations in Finland,92.584.39.71 171.5
total International operations, 81.3 31.4 158.9 496.8 total Stockmann total 173.8 115.7 50.2 1 668.3

Sales by Lindex reported as from December 6, 2007.


Hannu Penttilä CEO

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