As Stockmann, in accordance with the public tender offer the company has made, has acquired more than 96 per cent of the shares in AB Lindex (publ), the extraordinary general meeting of Lindex held in Gothenburg today, December 14, 2007 has resolved to elect Hannu Penttilä, Göran Bille, Pekka Vähähyyppä, Jukka Naulapää and Heikki Väänänen as new members of Lindex's Board of Directors to replace the resigned members Conny Karlsson, Christer Gardell, Lars Otterbeck, Bengt Larsson, Nora Förisdal Larssen, Emma Wiklund and Monika Elling, and to appoint Stockmann's CEO Hannu Penttilä as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The other members of the Board of Directors as employee representatives are Rigmor Lindbäck and Lillan Thorén with Alice Eriksson and Rune Lindstrand as their deputies.

In its meeting held immediately after the general meeting the Board of Directors of Lindex has, at Stockmann's request, resolved to apply for the delisting of the Lindex shares.

Stockmann has initiated compulsory redemption proceedings under the Swedish Companies Act to acquire all remaining shares in Lindex.

Lindex's CEO Göran Bille has been appointed as a member of Stockmann's Management Committee.


Hannu Penttilä CEO

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