In March, the Stockmann Group's sales were up 43 per cent and amounted to EUR 152.8 million. Sales by all divisions developed well. Sales by the Department Store Division grew by 52 per cent. Sales were up 63 per cent in Finland and 22 per cent abroad. The exceptionally strong growth in sales in Finland was attributable to the timing of the successful Crazy Days campaign which in the department stores in Finland was run completely in March, while in spring 2006 the campaign was carried out in April. International operations reported a strong growth in sales in all market areas. In Russia, sales were boosted by the fourth Stockmann department store that was opened in Moscow in mid-February. In international operations, the Crazy Days campaign will take place in April the same way as last spring.

Sales by Seppälä increased by 25 per cent. Sales were up 14 per cent in Finland and 64 per cent abroad. The sales growth in March is based on strong like-for-like sales growth in all market areas, expansion of the store network in Russia, a successful spring collection as well as on the clearly better weather conditions than last spring.

Sales by Hobby Hall were up 12 per cent. Sales were up 8 per cent in Finland and 31 per cent abroad. The growth in sales is based on successful campaigns, which were scheduled partly differently from last year, and the launching of operations in Lithuania in February.

The customs problems that hampered operations of the Department Store Division and Seppälä in Russia were solved in mid-March, after which goods deliveries to Russia have functioned normally.

Sales figures in March

March January-March January- December

20072006 perc.20072006perc.2006
MeMe 07/06MeMe07/06Me
Department Store94.458.062.8211.6173.522.0832.2
Division, Finland Department Store 26.1 21.4 21.9 69.6 62.2 11.7 286.9 Division, international operations Department Store 120.6 79.5 51.7 281.2 235.8 19.3 1 119.0 Division, total
Hobby Hall, Finland15.314.18.044.543.22.8167.2
Hobby Hall,
international operations
Hobby Hall, total19.
Seppälä, Finland9.
Seppälä, international3.72.363.99.56.742.434.6
Seppälä, total12.910.325.134.632.47.0158.1
Real estate + others0.
Operations in Finland,119.080.348.2281.4242.616.01 123.7
total* International 33.8 26.7 26.5 90.3 78.3 15.3 354.1 operations, total Stockmann total* 152.8 107.0 42.8 371.7 320.9 15.8 1 477.8

* The figures do not include the sales by the Stockmann Auto division that was divested at the beginning of March 2006. If the sales by Stockmann Auto in January-February 2006 are included in the comparison figures, the change of sales in per cent was:

January-March 2007 change perc.

Operations in Finland, total-11.4
Stockmann total-6.1


Hannu Penttilä CEO

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