In February, sales generated by the Stockmann Group's continuing operations were up 5 per cent and amounted to EUR 103.2 million.

The best percentual growth in sales was reported by Hobby Hall whose sales were up 7 per cent. Hobby Hall's sales were up 4 per cent in Finland and 19 per cent abroad. Hobby Hall opened a new market in Lithuania and sales developed well in Estonia too.

Sales by Seppälä were up 5 per cent. Sales were down 4 per cent in Finland but up 38 per cent abroad.

The Department Store Division reported an increase in sales of 4 per cent. Sales were up 3 per cent in Finland and 8 per cent abroad. In mid- February, the Department Store Division opened its fourth department store in Moscow in the Mega East shopping centre.

Sales by the Department Store Division and Seppälä suffered clearly in Russia from the slowing down of operation of the Russian customs in Moscow during the past few months. A new interpretation of regulations concerning certificates needed for imports has hampered the process of delivering the goods to the stores.

Sales figures in February

February January-February January- December

20072006 perc.20072006perc.2006
MeMe 07/06MeMe07/06Me
Department Store57.455.73.0117.2115.51.5832.2
Division, Finland Department Store 19.2 17.8 7.8 43.4 40.8 6.4 286.9 Division, international operations Department Store 76.6 73.5 4.2 160.6 156.3 2.8 1 119.0 Division, total
Hobby Hall, Finland14.
Hobby Hall,3.52.918.87.26.314.832.6
international operations
Hobby Hall, total17.516.46.836.435.42.9199.8
Seppälä, Finland6.76.9-3.615.917.6-9.8123.5
Seppälä, international2.41.837.65.84.431.434.6
Seppälä, total9.18.74.821.722.0-1.5158.1
Real estate + others0.10.1 -
Operations in Finland, 123.7
total* International 25.1 22.5 11.6 56.5 51.5 9.6 354.1 operations, total Stockmann total* 103.2 98.7 4.6 218.9 213.9 2.4 1 477.8

* The figures do not include the sales by the Stockmann Auto division that was divested at the beginning of March 2006. If the sales by Stockmann Auto in 2006 is included in the comparison figures, the change of sales in per cent was:

change perc.change perc.
Operations in Finland, total-29.0-31.5
Stockmann total-22.1-24.2


Hannu Penttilä CEO

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