New offices are modern and energy efficient

In summer 2014 more than 700 Stockmann employees moved to new, modern office premises in Helsinki’s Pitäjänmäki district. The office complex is scheduled for final completion by the end of 2016, when almost all the support functions for the Department Store Division and for the Corporate Administration will then be working together under the same roof.

In the design of the premises and the purchases made, special attention was given to energy efficiency, the life cycle approach and waste sorting. Building automation allows the property’s energy use to be optimised, and energy consumption can be monitored on an hourly basis. The building is heated by energy efficient district heating.

The staff working in the new premises do not have waste baskets by their workstations but instead the waste that accumulates during the working day is taken to sorting points. Thanks to the centralised waste points the waste is sorted more efficiently and the sorting outcome can be monitored more closely. Sorting guidelines clarify the waste sorting required. If any sorting errors are detected, staff can send a report to the environment expert.

The idea of flexibility in work locations is applied at the offices, which means there is both fixed and mobile working. The comfortable new premises include a personnel store, lunch cafeteria, meeting facilities, occupational health centre and gym. Our staff have been satisfied with the new premises and have given positive feedback.