More transparent supply chain

List of suppliers and factories

Stockmann persistently seeks to increase transparency and monitoring in its supply chain. We also aim to provide transparent communications on responsibility issues. In response to our customers’ wishes to obtain more information about the country of manufacture of products, we published a list of suppliers and factories for our own brand fashion products in April 2014, and were the first to do so in Finland. The list was updated on 30 March, 2015, and its coverage was increased from the original 73 per cent to 83 per cent (based on purchase value) of the suppliers and factories that supply Stockmann's own fashion brands. The aim is to increase the coverage further, by harmonizing buying practices internally. In spring 2013, Lindex led the way in the Group by publishing a list on its website of the suppliers and factories that it uses. Also Seppälä published its factory list during in 2014. The list covers 94 per cent of the suppliers of Seppälä.

Country of manufacture declared in garments

All the clothing sold in the Fashion Chain Division includes mention of the country in which the garment was manufactured. In the Department Store Division, the country of manufacture will gradually be declared in all own brand fashion products sold, starting with the autumn 2014 collection. The information will be provided on the care label attached to the inside of the garment. We will also be able to tell you the country of manufacture if you ask. In Russia and Latvia, where legislation requires the country of manufacture to be stated, this information is already given in the price marking.