CEO and Management Team

The CEO is in charge of the company's line operations in accordance with the instructions and regulations issued by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors appoints the company's CEO and decides on the terms and conditions of his executive post, which are set forth in a written CEO agreement. The Board of Directors also appoints the other members of the Management Team. 

Susanne Ehnbåge is the company's CEO from 12 May 2023.

The Group's Management Team has four members. Headed by the CEO, the Management Team is responsible for directing line operations and for preparing strategic and financial plans. Beside the Group Management Team, the divisions Lindex and Stockmann have their own operative Management Teams.

Information on the main job experience of the members of the Management Team are shown under the heading Information on the members of the Management Team. The remuneration of the management is described in the remuneration statement.


Susanne Ehnbåge
b. 1979, Swedish citizen

  • M.Sc.(Econ.), The Stockmann Group's CEO and Lindex CEO
  • Joined Lindex 2018, at the present position since 2023

Annelie Forsberg
b. 1972, Swedish citizen

  • M.Sc.(Econ.), CFO
  • Joined Lindex 2018, at the present position since 2022

Jukka Naulapää
b. 1966, Finnish citizen

  • LL.M., Chief Legal Officer
  • Joined Stockmann 1998,
    at the present position since 2006

Tove Westermarck
b. 1968, Finnish citizen

  • M.Sc.(Econ.), The Stockmann division's Chief Operating Officer
  • Joined Stockmann 1991,
    at the present position since 2023


Downloadable images of the Management Team members can be found in the Flickr image bank.