Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Stockmann’s shares, share options, Annual General Meeting and other investor relations topics.


Which are Stockmann’s share series?
Stockmann plc has a single class of shares, all shares of which shall carry one (1) vote per share and have equal rights also in all other respects. The trading code is STOCKA and the ISIN number is FI0009000251.

Where is the Stockmann share quoted?
Stockmann plc’s shares are quoted on the Helsinki exchange. Stockmann listed on the Helsinki exchange in 1942.

How are share certificates converted to book-entries?
Nordea Bank plc handles all conversions of share certificates to book-entries.

Why is it worth it to convert share certificates to book-entries?
Shareholders should convert share certificates to book-entries to ensure that they receive dividends. Dividends are paid to the shareholder’s account only for book-entry shares. When share certificates are converted to book-entries, the shareholder will be paid dividends for the three (3) previous years as one sum. According to the Act on prescription of debt, dividends older than three years are deemed to have expired.

How much does Stockmann pay as dividends?
Stockmann’s Board of Directors has set the dividend payout target at a minimum of half of the earnings derived from the company’s ordinary operations. The financing required to grow operations is nevertheless taken into account in determining the dividend. 

How do I change the account number for the dividend payment?
We kindly request you to inform the bank or to Euroclear Finland Ltd in accordance with the place where the shareholder’s book-entry account is kept.

If my address changes, how should I update my information in Stockmann’s shareholder register?
New address information is not transferred into Stockmann’s shareholder register through sources such as the Loyal Customer Service or the Population Register. If your address or other personal information changes, we kindly request you to inform the bank branch where your book-entry account is held.

SHARE options

What are Loyal Customer share options?
Stockmann’s Annual General Meeting held on 15 March 2012 decided that share options be issued, in deviation from the shareholders’ pre-emptive rights, to the Loyal Customers of Stockmann. The exercise periods for the share options were 2 – 31 May 2014 and 2 – 31 May 2015. Read more about the Loyal Customer share options (the link will open in the same window.

How can I find out my amount of purchases that earn Loyal Customer share options?
You can check your balance by visiting the Loyal Customer service in the department stores, by calling the Loyal Customer service or by sending e-mail to the address


What is Stockmann’s Company Register number?
Stockmann’s Company Register number is 0114162-2.

What is Stockmann’s LEI-code (Legal Entity Identifier)?
Stockmann’s global LEI-code is 743 700 IFQI6W 89M 1IY95.

What is Stockmann’s invoicing address?
The Stockmann Group’s invoicing address is as follows:

Stockmann plc
Purchase invoices
P.O.Box 147
00381 Helsinki, Finland

Please state order number/name/department as a reference (NOTE! Not in the address field).

Where can I get information on Stockmann as an investment?
As a listed company, Stockmann cannot advise investors. Information on Stockmann as an investment is provided in the Investors section of this website (the link will open in the same window), which also presents a list of analysts that follow Stockmann on their own initiative. Stockmann does not assume responsibility for analysts’ assessments. Information is also provided on Nasdaq OMX’s Internet site (the link will open in a new window).

What is Stockmann’s credit rating?
Stockmann has not applied for a credit rating from any credit rating institution, as this has not been necessary to arrange Stockmann’s independent funding.

What is Stockmann’s financial year?
In accordance with Stockmann’s Articles of Association, the company’s financial year is the calendar year.

Who is Stockmann’s auditor?
Pursuant to Stockmann’s Articles of Association, the company shall have a minimum of one and a maximum of three auditors and they shall have a minimum of one and a maximum of three deputies. Insofar as the auditor is a firm of auditors authorized by the Central Chamber of Commerce, a deputy auditor need not be elected. The term of office of the auditors shall begin from the Annual General Meeting at which they were elected and end at the close of the next Annual General Meeting. The audit firm Ernst & Young act as the company’s auditor, and Terhi Mäkinen, APA, is the responsible auditor.

Where can I find information on Stockmann MasterCard?
Information on Stockmann MasterCard is provided (in Finnish) on the company’s website (the link will open in a new window).