Improvements in food labelling

New EU regulations on food labelling have brought changes to packaging information in almost all food products and non-alcoholic drinks. At Stockmann, we have renewed the packaging information for around 3,000 product names in Stockmann’s own food brands, such as Stockmann Gourmet, Delicatess, Bakery and Sushi, as well as Stockmann Meals products produced at the Stockmann central kitchen and food products imported by Stockmann.

The new packaging labels are more readable, with allergens clearly marked and mandatory comprehensive information on nutritional value. Changes in labelling will continue in the coming years, for example when the European Commission specifies labelling requirements for meat and dairy products. Stockmann has been proactive regarding information requirements for its service counters. For example, Stockmann’s service counters were already displaying information on allergens before this became compulsory.