Food from local and small producers

In addition to organic food, the Stockmann Delicatessen food departments include a wide selection of Finnish, locally produced food from small producers. Many of these also produce organically, adding to the selection of over 1,700 organic products. Examples of local treats available at the Helsinki department store include:

Confectionery: Chjoko chocolate confectionery from Kruununhaka, Helsinki, less than 2 kilometres away from the store. Also from Helsinki and made with French expertise are the beautiful Patisserie Petitpas confections.

Bread: The selection from no less than 32 small bakeries includes specialities such as rosemary bread from Leibomo Limbbu, a bakery in Lahti run by a Finnish–American couple that uses first-class ingredients including flour from local producers.

Fruit and vegetables: The DeliVerde salads and herbs by Lindrothin Puutarha are from Turku and harvested to order and then delivered fresh to customers.

Cheese: ’Local produce’ tags are found all around the cheese counter. The Helsinki Meijeriliike artisan cheeses are so local they are even named after places in Helsinki, such as Klippan and Linnunlaulu.