Environmental trainings

Stockmann maintains and enhances the environmental awareness of its personnel through continuous training and internal communications, for example through intranet, information screens placed in the staff premises, and bulletin boards. Stockmann's environmental specialist guides and advises its own employees as well as tenants to comply with Stockmann's strict sorting guidelines, including quality cycles and training.

External trainers also visit department stores such as waste management partner Lassila & Tikanoja. Employees' interest and commitment to environmental work play a key role in the development of environmental work, and the staff will have many good questions and development targets for developing environmental work. In addition to the discussion, creative forms of education are also used, such as the waste exhibition of a distribution center, which gathered more specialized waste.

Over 70% of the waste from Stockmann's department stores in Finland is recycled, while the recovery rate of waste, including waste incineration, is 100%.