CSR Work

Our CSR work covers the entire value chain in Stockmann’s operations. Responsibility starts in the supply chain, from ensuring safe working conditions to minimising environmental impacts. We want to offer our customers the choice of responsibly produced products in our selections. We place the customer at the core and pay close attention to employee wellbeing as well as environmental aspects.

We guarantee the safety of our products and inspire and support our customers to make more responsible choices. Our responsibility work is guided by Stockmann’s strategy and values, the CSR strategy, Stockmann’s Code of Conduct, national laws and regulations, and international treaties, declarations and recommendations. Our everyday work is also guided by numerous voluntary commitments and initiatives, as well as other principles, policies and practices, such as human rights principles, anti-corruption policy, human resources policy, environmental policy, and product guidelines. Stockmann operates in a highly ethical manner, complying with the international and national laws and regulations valid at any given time in the countries in which it operates. In its business operations, Stockmann aims to exceed the minimum requirements stipulated by laws, regulations or conventions.