CSR strategy

Stockmann’s CSR strategy is for the period 2019-2021. The CSR-strategy is in line with the Group's strategy, and the strategy goals contribute to creating a unique and inspiring customer experience in all channels. As part of the strategy process, we conducted a stakeholder survey. The survey results were used during the strategy development process and during the development of our CSR work.


Priority areas and goals of the CSR strategy

In our CSR strategy, the strategic targets are grouped under four prioritiy areas that create the future of our responsibility work. Key performance indicators that enable monitoring and measurment of our CSR work have been set for each area.

Inspiration  for responsible choices

  • We are a source of inspiration for responsible consumption and lifestyle
  • We offer responsible and long-lasting quality fashion
  • We foster sustainable supply chains

Sustainable shopping environment

  • We are committed to reducing our packaging materials and their environmental footprint
  • We take actions to mitigate our climate impact
  • We apply circular economy approach in our operations

Responsible work community

  • We ensure a healthy and safe working environment and promote the wellbeing of our personnel
  • We value equality and diversity
  • We support personnel's professional growth

Sustainable business approach

  • We are committed to good corporate governance and act in compliance with the Stockmann Code of Conduct
  • We create added value to all our stakeholders
  • Our communication is transparent and reliable and we actively engage in society


Lindex’s ambition is to be recognised as a leading fashion retailer, known as one of the most sustainable, open and trusted companies in the fashion industry. Lindex wants to be the company that has gone beyond business as usual and sought to drive change. By being innovative, transparent and acting to create positive impact, Lindex will create a sustainable difference with its suppliers, partners and customers. Since the company’s biggest impact lies in the product, ambitious goals concerning the product has been set, including both environmental and social aspects. By 2020, 80% of Lindex’s garments will be made from more sustainable materials, with more sustainable processes and at more sustainable production facilities. 100% of cotton will be either organic cotton, BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) or recycled cotton.