CSR organisation

The management team of the Stockmann division approves the focus areas, goals and measures of the divisional sustainability strategy, which are put into practice with the support of normal management systems. The progress of sustainability measures is monitored in the management team every six months. Practical implementation and monitoring of the progress of daily sustainability work takes place in all functions as part of the operational activities of each function

In relation to corporate social responsibility goals and current affairs, separate working groups are formed as needed to prepare or implement the decisions discussed by the management team in matters of responsibility. In addition, e.g. Stockmann's environmental management system steering group meets regularly and monitors environmental management topics in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 certificate.

The Lindex Management Group is responsible for the overall sustainability directions and strategies at Lindex, working in line with the Stockmann Group level strategy. The Corporate Sustainability Team has overall responsibility for developing sustainability at Lindex and the team works closely together with the Production Sustainability Teams located at the production offices. Each department and sales country organisation then aligns their sustainability work accordingly. Sustainability topics are discussed regularly at Lindex Management Group meetings and are implemented and followed up through the regular management systems.