Creating Stockmann’s strategy together

In 2014, Stockmann started a strategy review process. Employees have been engaged in the strategy work, most importantly through several strategy working groups, with members from around the organization. Each group is dedicated to one theme, for example the product selection, the loyalty programme or the Delicatessen food department. To keep personnel involved and in touch with the strategy process, several strategy briefing sessions have been held. The sessions are supported with material and news on the intranet, in the internal magazine and via a discussion platform.

In August 2014, as part of Stockmann’s strategy process, a first-of-a-kind organizational health survey was conducted in all Stockmann’s functions, concerning management practices and the working environment and atmosphere across the organization. The results showed that while our employees in Russia and the Baltic countries were fairly content with their employment, significant improvements were sought among the company’s Finnish employees, especially in the support functions. Much of the criticism was directed at senior management rather than immediate superiors, but the survey also showed that staff at Stockmann do care and want to make a difference and are ready to put their know-how to use and contribute to making even radical improvements. 

As a result, a large-scale project to promote cultural change within the company was begun, as a part of the strategy work. A key element of this project was the establishment of a Change Agent group, consisting of around 50 staff from all teams, functions and levels of the organization in Finland. In 2014, the group convened for two half-day workshops, with ‘homework’ in between, to analyze the reasons behind low job satisfaction and to generate ideas for how to improve things. The work is continuing in 2015.