Stockmann's Code of Conduct

Stockmann strives to achieve profitable business operations with a long-term view by acting ethically and responsibly in matters related to people, the economy, society and the environment.

Commitment to responsible operations forms a core part of Stockmann's values and daily ways of working. This Code of Conduct, Stockmann's values and Stockmann's management practices form a framework for the company's procedures and efforts to promote a sustainable future.

Stockmann's Code of Conduct defines ways of working for all employees and management staff without exception. Stockmann also requires its goods suppliers and partners to follow the principles of this Code of Conduct. Stockmann's Code of Conduct is supplemented by more detailed rules and guidelines approved by the Group and its subsidiaries. Such rules and guidelines may not contradict Stockmann's Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct covers the following main points:

  • Compliance with legislation and ethical operations

  • Free competition and consumer rights

  • Employees and working conditions

  • Environment

  • Corruption and conflicts of interest

Stockmann's Code of Conduct

Stockmann's Anti Corruption Policy

Stockmann's Human Rights Policy

The Stockmann whistleblowing service

Our trustworthiness and long term success is dependent on each decision being based on our values and ethical guidelines.

You can find our Whistleblowing reporting channel here, where you can with your own name or anonymously submit a report regarding deviations to our Code of Conduct.

Learn more about our whistleblowing service in the Stockmann Whistleblowing Policy. If you wish to submit a report, we ask you to first familiarize yourself with the additional information described in the policy.