Stockmann engages in CSR and charity projects on a regular basis. As part of its corporate social responsibility, Stockmann may make donations to non-profit public benefit organisations. Charity work is guided by the donation policy.

In addition, Stockmann’s business units may also support the non-profit projects of public benefit organisations as part of their commercial campaigns and activities. Stockmann engages in charity projects, such as Lindex’s pink ribbon and round-up campaigns. Stockmann co-operates yearly with different charities.

Stockmann department stores and service functions regularly donate unsold products, product samples, leftover materials and products from the design studio to agreed local partners and charitable organisations and various recycling workshops. In Helsinki, Stockmann has for several years cooperated on a continuous basis with the Reuse Centre and its Näprä unit, by donating Stockmann’s own design studio material samples to them. In addition, Stockmann regularly donates garment and product samples to Hope ry, a non-profit organisation that distributes the donations to Finnish families with limited means.

Lindex regularly donates unsold products to different charity organisations in accordance with its clothes recycling and donation policy.