Anti-corruption policy

Stockmann is a founding member of Transparency Suomi ry, the Finnish chapter of Transparency International, an organisation operating in 90 countries that works to combat international bribery and corruption.

Stockmann’s employees and management must act in the best interests of the company and in a manner that avoids conflicts of interest. For years already, Stockmann personnel has been instructed on Stockmann policies regarding the acceptance of samples, gifts, travel expenses or other monetary benefits, especially from suppliers, through the Employee Discount Rules.

The Group’s international operations pose challenges for resolute anti-corruption action. Anti-corruption policies are included in the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct and the Stockmann Supplier Code of Conduct, which are implemented in our own brands’ supply chain.

Likewise, the Lindex Ethical Policy has provided a foundation for counteracting all forms of corruption at Lindex. It has been applied in all countries of operation and all suppliers are informed of this before entering into cooperation. For example, our suppliers are not permitted to give any gifts, other than ordinary courtesy corporate gifts, or any other benefits to individual employees.

Read more about Stockmann's anti-corruption policy here (in Finnish).