Stockmann's Annual General Meeting 2014

Stockmann plc's Annual General Meeting 2014 was held on Tuesday 18 March 2014 in the Concert Hall of Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland.

Documents of the AGM

Shareholder's right to have a matter handled at the Annual General Meeting
In accordance with the Companies Act, a shareholder is entitled to bring a matter falling within the competence of the General Meeting on the agenda of the General Meeting by written request to the Board of Directors in sufficient time for the matter to be included in the notice to the meeting. Possible shareholders' requests to include a matter on the agenda of Stockmann's Annual General Meeting 2014 should have been made by January 20, 2014. The request, together with an explanation or a draft resolution, shall be delivered in writing to Stockmann plc, Legal Affairs, PL 220, 00101 Helsinki.